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Castlevania [Jun. 11th, 2013|02:40 am]
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One of my life dreams is to rewrite a Castlevania game. To go back from scratch, with Simon Belmont traversing the massive time and space bending castle of Dracula, set in a fictional world based on the mythology of Transylvania. I have such vivid scenes of it in my mind. One such is a large prep room in which periodically massive ogre like creatures, the cooks, come and go and you must navigate around giant ovens and pillars without being caught. Another is a long bridge connecting two towers high above the rest of the castle. The full moon stands above and, keeping in tradition of the original Castlevania games, here is where you would confront the Werewolf. And of course the classic ballroom scene, not to mention the unfathomably large library. It is a dream I will cling onto in hopes I can be responsible for it before I die. It would be an awesome game by my vision. The best since Super Castlevania.

Isolation would be a key factor. After a certain point in the game, closer to the beginning, there would be no further contact with any humans (save for few you may come across in the castle, though one could imagine the conditions). All sources of interaction (which would still be sparing) would be with enchanted inhabitants of the castle, most of which would not be interested in conversation or at least friendship. Isolation amongst overly expanded space and time would be a big factor in creating the mood of the game. I would want to create the feeling in the player that they were traversing an unlimited space, alone, and only by miracle and intuition did they proceed or make achievements.

For the world, I imagine a Vampire Hunter D-esque world minus the lasers, where every 100 years Dracula's castle appears in some place in the mountains. Then, for one year, Dracula feasts and spreads his influence on the world. Afterwards, the castle seems to vanish, and where once the castle seemed to stand, only another mountain range.

A family of professional monster hunters, and whose lineage can be traced to Dracula's earliest years as objectors to his human rule (as of course he'd be an accursed human, the romantic and mythological Impaler turned demon by revenge and sorrow). It just so happens that Castlevania will appear in his lifetime, and so at an early age decides his fate is to enter the most off limits region imaginable. He goes alone, as no sane man would go with him. Nothing but his trust in himself and chain whip for good measure.

Also, the Grim Reaper and the Frankenstein monster (and the massive accompanying lab) are musts.

A high reaching dream, but dream no less.

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Trash Man [Dec. 27th, 2012|01:48 am]

Shattered little pieces
In the corner of my eye
Swept up nice
For the trash man tonight

He's coming for a bundle
He's coming for a load
But he's going to get told off
Because I carry my own

I recycle my debris
Return it to earth
Churn the insides
And see if they work

And if the machine turns on
Than the machine turns on
But every time it does
It seems a little more strong

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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2012|01:30 am]
I don't care if you give what you get
Just that you take less of it
Or at least be an honest prick
And say that you want what you want
You'll take what you take
Stop giving me the run around
The promise found
Your Christian beefcake
That comfort keepsake
It makes the sting less resident
Acceptance less hesitant
Unless that's what you want
In which case the pain's quite resonant
I see a thousand hungry children in my mind
And a thousand guns sold at the same time
Multiply a thousand times and you're still quite off of it
And I'm not talking about your dinner
Or whether you eat all of it
But the choices you make
On your daily call of it
Everything you do influences those next to you
So if you're hoping they'll hold the broad of it
We're all sinking
You'll come down with it
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World Ending Theme [Aug. 25th, 2011|11:24 pm]
Delete the pros and delete the cons
All we have is something wrong
World ending, world shred
Masturbate to all this dread
Global warming, global cause
Say it again and check my pulse
There’s nothing there, there never was
Just like God and all your cause
Didn’t work?
Check the date
We should all be dead
From what you've said
Build a bomb shelter
189 miles deep
And give us all a rest
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2011|03:15 am]
so I feel like I'm caught in this predicament, almost like a coming of age scenario except there's no punchline that I can see. It's like the whole life-is-meaningless-oh-my-god-the-small-moments-count-no-they-don't-wait-life-is-a-dream-but-sleeping-sucks-because-it-wastes-too-much-time-no-it-doesn't-I-love-sleep scenario. I mean, what have I become but a plethora of redundancy, desperately seeking some sort of semblance to the things I once felt. all of my art and writing reflect this, my whole demeanor and sense of thought reflect this. if I'm buzzed enough on Coronas I might share with you my philosophy on Everything, but if you're shy of that moment you're clearly fucked and doomed to go on without David's opinion. I've willingly entered myself into a position of silence, a silence that watches the world like a Grigori, forever mute, cursed with the worst of all curses to those who give a shit. And what, really, does it matter? Should I disappear in silence, or does anything matter enough to say a word? Yes, I can impact, but does that impaction mean anything at all? I am many years against my youth now, somewhat physically and most certainly, and in none of the good ways that I can see, against my naivete. I think, honestly, that's the worst part. I truly feel there really isn't anyone on this planet I can ask these questions and expect some worthy answer from. No self-help group, no common domination, no ancient religion that can answer my quarrel. Life is hollow; thick and full of meaning but, hollow all the same. I don't want to feel this way, and I know there will be no credits announcing I "found the magic" and therefore, must head onwards on my own, blindly, as I've always done. perhaps there is a magic in that?
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2011|02:20 am]
I’ve had desperate days
Still far away
From Planet Earth
From Planet You
Disenchanted with faith
Hope is a game
Disillusion seems just fine
Taking the place

I want you to know that I’m all here
Just slightly less and slightly down
Nothing you could do could ease this sound
No matter how you dream
It’s always around

But how do I explain?

There’s always a taint
Always a saint
Bleating a cure
Bleeding for sure
And as I drift
In outer space
I look back at all the things
That don’t mean a thing
But to me

How do I explain?

I want you to know that I’m all here
Just slightly less and slightly down
Nothing you could do could ease this sound
No matter how you dream
It’s always around

How do I explain? How do I? How do I?
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